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The love button is the best way for your business to become popular in the world wide web. With just one click, visitors can love your business on Buibo and follow your business.

Include the JS file of Buibo in your head section. This will be loaded asynchronously.

    async defer

To add a love button to your page, insert this code where you want your button to go.

<a class="buiboLV" data-id="03445FF4E3C346CC85543CE096F1DAE1"></a>

Buibo will scan you page and replace all links with a love Button. You can pass additional attributes to style the button like you want. Only the class buiboLV and attribute data-id are mandatory.

Attribute Description Values
data-id The ID must be a valid business ID. If you do not know the ID of your business, go to the business profile page and copy the ID shown in the address bar of the browser: e.g.: -> ID: 03445FF4E3C346CC85543CE096F1DAE1 Business ID (: 03445FF4E3C346CC85543CE096F1DAE1)
Default: (mandatory)
data-showcount If you want to show how many persons already loved this business. true | false
Default: true
data-backgroundcolor Set the background color of the button. Color in HEX (e.g.: 0099FFF)
Default: #1387CF
data-fontcolor Set the font color of the button. Color in HEX (e.g.: FFFFFF)
Default: #FFFFFF
data-size Set the size of the button. small | medium | big
Default: medium

How your love button could look like:

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