Introducing Boost

We at Buibo think that conventional advertising with banners or small ads are outdated. We give you the possibility to promote your stories, events, coupons, etc. that you have already created and make it more visible and higher ranked on the start page. In normally cases the live feed is ordered chronically and and we display content to users that could possibly interest them. Boosted content will be shown on top of the feed regardless the time of creation.

Why is boosting better than a normal ad?

Normal ads are more likely be disabled by ad blockers and are annoying to users.

What is the pricing?

This is really simple... we charge by impressions your post is reaching on Buibo. Every time a user sees your post we charge you 1 Buibo Point (equals 0.01,- Euro). If you run out of Buibo Points your post is not boosted anymore. There is no possibility of overcharging your account. You set the limit, you are in control.

Can I define my target group?

Yes, of course you can! Set the countries, gender, device or age of your target group to focus on your potential costumers.

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